Welcome to the 2001 and subsequent adventures....

Which we intend to continue in many parts of the world...

Note: From the time Harry and I met in 2000, we had many good times together, but we also had enough not-so-good experiences that we divorced in 2008. We had left the US and moved to another country in 2004. I remain a very happy unmarried expat. I have a wonderful and trusted employee, my loving family of 20 rescued/adopted dogs, my organic garden plus an aquaponics system with Tilapia, and chickens that give me fresh healthful eggs every day.

My life is perfect!

My employee takes care of my house, my yard and property, my dogs, and he can fix almost anything. I often "jokingly" say he is better than a husband: He comes to work at 8:30, leaves at 4:30, and does what I ask him to do, when I ask him to do it. Yeee-hah!

Links to earlier adventures are on my Peaceful Warrior home page and, even earlier,
my many solo adventures before I met Harry are HERE, which is my original home
 page that I started in 1995. 

Highlights of 2001...

Palestine, Texas - A Ride on a
  Steam Train

Camping & Hiking in the Smoky Mountains

Adventures in Mexico

Jellystone Bluegrass Festival

 Adventures in 2002...

Our new (used) Travel Trailer

Tragic Fire in my Neighborhood

Harry's ongoing Compost Project

Yard & Garden - May, 2002

6/02 Swallowtail Butterfly Miracle

Wildlife Habitat Certifications

The BEST ADVENTURE OF ALL came in the fall of 2004. 
expatriated from the US.  For some of the reasons, click HERE. 

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