Our Travel Trailer


We had looked a new trailers all over Houston and had not been able to find a new or newer one with a configuration we liked that was also light weight--a must since we  want to pull it with our Astro Van. Finally we started looking at ads in the paper. After several weeks, we found one with the exact configuration we want inside. It is 23 feet and weighs just 2700 lbs. It is an old trailer - 1973 - but everything works - including the original propane/electric refrigerator!  It has had no leaks. It has many more windows than the newer trailers, which is also something we appreciate. We are working to fix it up now. We did massive cleaning, inside and out, as the very first thing! The paint had oxidized from sitting in the sun. In the picture below, you can see a silver streak along the top from front to back - Harry actually scrubbed off some of the paint, leaving the aluminum almost bare on this side.

There are two nice "couches" in the front on both sides. Each is big enough to sleep on, but we can also slide them to the center, making a huge bed. This is a nice feature that we didn't find in any other trailer; when we aren't sleeping, we have plenty of room to lounge around.

 Right: even more windows on this side. The front (now covered by the windscreen) has a big window all the way across.
Left: looking down the hallway from the front benches/couches. (Harry's knee is in the lower right corner.)
We really like having the windows beside the dining table, too. I need to get curtains for the windows.