I expatriated from the US, never to return.  

Reason for leaving the US: I didn't like where the country was headed then, and I dislike it even more now, 10-plus years after I left.

The so-called "justice system" is corrupt to the core. The few freedoms people still have are being taken away exponentially--and the worst part is that few people seem even to notice, or care. Because of the government's fear mongering, people think they are being kept safe while their biggest danger is from their own government.

I have not been back to the US since I left and I will NEVER go back there. Even before 9/11, I saw the handwriting on the wall, and after that, I saw the controls and confiscation of freedoms and the brainwashing of US residents begin to increase even more rapidly…and it continues to increase exponentially ever since. Screw the US.

I detest what the US has become. On one hand I feel empathy for the people who still live there because the brainwashing has been continuous and insidious. On the other hand I feel that they get what they deserve because they have sat back and allowed the government to have free rein to turn the USSA into a fascist police state. If the majority would get off their butts in front of the TV with their six pack they’d have a much less chance of being brainwashed.

People who do see the handwriting on the wall have already left or are trying their best  to enable themselves to do so. And renouncing their citizenships. Note: renunciation used to be free, then went to $450, then to $2,350. No telling what they will charge in the future for people who want to get out from under the oppressive US government.

And I detest hearing military people think they “served their country.” Wake up, people! You didn’t serve your country, you served the elites. (Did THEIR sons and daughters go to "serve?" Nope!) And if you naive men and women refused to participate in the illegal, senseless wars that are nothing but the elites’ attempt to control the rest of the world, the wars and the atrocities of killing of thousands, millions, of innocent people would not exist. Just like everything, war is all about money. Big money for the elites and the big corporations.  Screw the US.

And I am equally enraged when I hear people say “they pay THEIR taxes." While I agree that US citizens usually have to pay this extortion because the IRS has the guns and the prisons, the fact remains that the income tax is illegal for almost everyone except federal employees.

Before I left the US I belonged to a small group who studied the law about various topics, including the income tax. We also did “court watching” to try to encourage more justice in the so-called “justice system.” (How naive we were!) Several of us sent letters to the IRS under the Freedom of Information Act, politely asking questions to “show me the law” about the legality of the income tax. No one got a response except to be fined $500 for “asking frivolous questions.” I just considered it a part of my education and my “exit tax” from the US. Screw the US. (Read about this particular "trial" in which the government never, ever cited a law that the income tax is legal. They couldn't because it doesn't exist.) This is a Word file. After you read it, just close Word and you'll be back to the web page.

I don’t even like to fly now. While travel used to be fun and educational, the influence of the US—and the fear mongering—has turned flying into a humiliating ordeal in which minimum-wage psychopaths are legally encouraged to grope travelers. Screw the US.

School children are getting criminal records for the most absurd reasons.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. I encourage informed people to GET OUT if at all possible, as soon as possible. In the future you may not be able to do so, or even if you’re able to physically leave, you probably won’t be able to expatriate your money.

And click HERE for an excellent, eye-opening essay, "Portrait of America." It was written in 2005, and the situation is infinitely worse now in 2015. 

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