The US Legal System

(Justice or Injustice?)

Detailed Report about a 
Frivolous Lawsuit 

Houston, Texas

Read it--and hope to hell you never become involved in one! But you never know
when you will be sued. Someone with enough money to finance a costly frivolous lawsuit can make 
your life a living hell and can wipe out your savings and bankrupt you!

My husband and I were sued by Dr. Mark Lynn Nichols. 

We "lost" by a default judgment in the amount of $311,000 EACH--but here I'll
 explain the entire process, why we ended up not even attending the "trial," 
and also explain that due to the stupidity of the lawyer,
Robert Joseph Killeen, Jr.
Dr. Nichols never collected a dime from us.  
And after Nichols' lawyers' fees were no doubt in excess of $100,000.

We defended ourselves, Pro Se, but even without a lawyer, lawsuits
are expensive. Depositions, for example, can be around $1,000. 
Mediation, which went as we anticipated--nowhere--was
$650 for 4/1/2 hours. 
The lawsuit ended up costing us around $15,000,
even without a lawyer.

At the time of the lawsuit, I kept an online chronology of each step of the lawsuit. I was polite, factual, and
non-defamatory, but lawyer Robert J. Killeen, Jr. didn't like my chronology being online one bit. 
He complained to my web hosting company, who removed my entire web site without notice--not just the
portion about the lawsuit. (Fortunately, I keep backups.) Maybe he will get this one
removed, too, maybe not. Nevertheless, there are lots of offshore web hosting companies
that don't give a flip about complaints of some lawyer in the US, and I will 
make sure that this information continues to live on the web.

The two judges in this case were corrupt to the core also:
Judge Tazewell Lamar McCorkle, Jr.
Judge Katherine (Katie) Kennedy
I'll give plenty of information about
the lawyers and judges
in this report.

The lawsuit against us began in 2002. I am publishing
updated information in 2015. 

Back then, I vowed that when I got time, I would
publicize the antics and criminal behavior of every
 sleazy, unprofessional participant in that lawsuit.

 Now I have time. 

And now I don't have to be polite. I can add my own
comments to the facts. I am publishing this in 2015 with 
relevant updates.

Most judges in the US are power mad and arrogant. Lawyers are the same. (Judges were lawyers to begin with.) No court case is about truth, nor is it about justice. It's about which lawyer "wins" and which "loses." It's all a game and the players--plaintiffs and defendants--are irrelevant except to keep the game going. It is designed to pour big bucks into the money machine and perpetuate it. In most cases, the lawyer who is the most dishonest and who violates the mandated "lawful" rules and procedures is the one who usually "wins." Although people by law are allowed to represent themselves in court without a lawyer, the judges make sure the deck is stacked against those who have the audacity to try it.

If you are involved in a court case and even if you DO have a lawyer, it's a good idea to spend a lot of time researching the issues of your case and learning about the applicable laws and procedures. Chances are your lawyer doesn't know them and can cause you to "lose" without your ever having an idea why. Just because someone is a "lawyer" doesn't mean they are smart or that they actually know the law regarding your situation. Don't blindly trust that they do.

In a case in which the defendant (or plaintiff as the case may be) is represented by a smaller law firm--or horrors! a "pro se"--the practice of sleazy lawyers is to inundate the other party with motion after motion, causing reams upon reams of paperwork to be prepared. (In our own case, we ended up with seven large 3-ring binders filled with paperwork.) Many times I'd stay up all night preparing a response to a motion that had to be filed with the court by 8:00 that morning. That's the attack plan of sleazy lawyers. They try to completely wear you down.

In a "pro se" case, despite lawyers violating the rules of procedure, lying, even committing forgery, the judges let them get away with it. The Bar doesn't help, either. They (and all other 3-letter agencies like the AMA, FDA, etc.) do not exist to protect the consumer. They exist to circle the wagons and protect their own. You'll read details about a lot of these injustices in this report.

Judges, lawyers, and lying "expert witnesses" are never punished, and never even called to task. And judges referred to as "The Honorable" and  insist on being addressed as "Your Honor?" There is nothing honorable about the majority of them. Quite the opposite. 

Without having had personal experience with a major case in the US court system, a person doesn't have a clue just how corrupt and unjust it really is, but I hope this report will help open your eyes. Traffic tickets and such are not "major" enough to fully reveal how the system works. And besides, if one "loses" against a traffic ticket, the outcome is not life altering. But just let someone get involved in a case that consumes their entire life for a year or more, and they will KNOW. 

Well, I DO KNOW, and I'll tell about it here so you are forewarned--just in case! I include copies of pleadings, motions, and a chronological report of what went down. It's lengthy because the process took almost a year. But if you don't read the entire thing, be sure to read "Your Medical Records--Beware!" Reading that one file could help you avoid a LOT of hassles down the road. (I don't know how medical records affect someone under Obamacare, but regardless, you want to make sure there aren't errors in yours.)

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