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Please also visit my original home page, Dottie Atwater's Original Home Page. It's a compilation of my "adventures before Harry" and it includes articles (with pictures) that I wrote about my travels - Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, a driving trip in Mexico, a four-day horseback trip in the high desert mountains of Mexico, etc. All wonderful experiences!

The BIG adventure in 2000 was the California Camping Trip during October and November - 5,500 miles, Santa Fe to Grand Canyon to San Diego, then up Hwy 1 along the CA coast. Camping in Big Sur in the redwoods. A GRAND adventure with great pictures!

Concerning travel, I once read that if a person doesn’t return changed from it in some way, he might as well have stayed home. My life has been enriched and changed by each and every journey - as I am sure it will continue to be.

I have lived in eight different states in the US, and I have spent time in Mexico,
Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay. 

2004: I have now expatriated from the US. 
 Click HERE for some of the reasons.
(And I eventually renounced my US
citizenship. FREE AT LAST!)

And HERE is how I became very well acquainted with
the corruption of the so-called "justice system"
in the US. If you think it's easy to defend yourself against a 
friovolous lawsuit  by a wealthy person (or corporation),
even when the absolute truth is on your side, you'll certainly have your eyes opened by my detailed account here. It is a long read but it will be worth your time!

And...if you think you'll never be sued, read this: 

Every 2 Seconds…
Another American Gets Sued

I posted this way back in 2005, so just imagine how
much worse the situation is now. Wake up!

Nevertheless: Life is glorious!  Live it to the fullest!

for adventures beginning in 2001 and later.

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